“Seagate brings 8TB hard drive on the market for around 250 euros”


Seagate has a 8TB hard drive on the market. The hard disks, the Archive label, are available with and without hardware-based encryption and speeds of up to 190MB/s to achieve. The introductory price is an amount of approximately 250 euros is relatively low.

The 8TB 3,5″drives feature a sata-600-connector and feature 128MB of cache. The rotation speed is 5900rpm. Seagate provides a disk with the model number ST8000AS0002 without hardware-based encryption and the ST8000AS0012 stored data it can encrypt. According to the manufacturer, the drives read and write speeds up to 190MB/s to achieve an average throughput of 150MB/s.

Seagate rest of the 8TB disks with six platters. To increase storage capacity is so-called shingled magnetic recording technology is applied. Thus, the storage capacity per platter on average, by 25 percent can be increased. The disks dissipate 7.5 W if they are running and 5W in idle-mode.

Although Seagate is not the first manufacturer with 8TB drives, the price tag is relatively low: the hard disks are in German webshops identified with prices around 250 euros, about 0,032 € per GB; the 8TB drive from HGST costs, for example, 773 euro. The manufacturer provides three year warranty on the drives.