“Samsung starts selling virtual reality goggles Gear VR”


Samsung is in the United States began selling Gear VR, a virtual reality eyewear. For the device is $ 200 to be paid. In the Netherlands the Gear VR will soon come true, for a price of 200 euros.

On the Us site of Samsung, the Gear VR now be ordered. The manufacturer calls it the “Innovator Edition”, which is primarily intended for developers who write applications want to develop for the vr-glasses, and for early adopters. A consumer version is said nothing, but Samsung puts in the purchase, no further restrictions on it, making it also possible for a consumer is to take the glasses to buy. Americans need to for the Gear VR, a $ 200 deposit, and in addition, it is necessary for the Galaxy Note 4 to possess the screen of the smartphone as a display for the vr goggles.

In the Netherlands, the Gear VR, though Samsung is the sale not started yet. The Dutch price is 200 euros and the glasses must still be before the end of this year, so made the manufacturer previously known. However, it is unclear whether the planned release date is met. In the development of the Gear VR was Oculus involved, the Facebook subsidiary, which is itself a vr-glasses sells.

With the Gear VR, it is possible to take images in 360 degrees view. In addition to viewing videos and movies is also gaming, and Samsung argues that there is educational content is offered. Gear VR can play content via a micro-sd card. Applications can be downloaded through the Oculus VR app store.