“Proximus wants to complaining Telenet customers luring with offer”


Proximus, formerly known as Belgacom, has announced that the internet service provider soon, with an ‘interesting’ proposal for angry customers of Telenet. More than 55,000 Telenet customers have indicated a possible to step up after the announced price increases at Telenet.

Proximus has stated in this hole to want to jump through this week with an offer to get that special angry Telenet customers is addressed, writes het Nieuwsblad. The provider has claimed for 10 percent cheaper than Telenet and this difference would be even greater if the announced price increases next month will actually be implemented.

The precise content of the Proximus offer is not yet known. From the Belgian government through the Federal minister of Telecommunications, Alexander De Croo stated that no legal objections against such offers to groups within the telecom sector.

Telenet did at the end of november to know that the subscription prices would increase. Packages with internet and tv would be from January 25, two euros per month more expensive. Who also phone decreasing pay monthly even three euros extra per month.

The price increases resulted almost directly in front of a lot of protest, but the kabelaar refuses to turn back. What has emerged is the campaign website Iklaatmenietpluimen.be that disgruntled Telenet customers can indicate that they may be about will be steps to another isp.