“‘Providers have come to report how many customer per month pays the unit'”


New regulations next year, would providers require a subscription to accurately indicate how much a customer per month pays for a device. In addition, the message “please Note that borrowing money costs money’ subscriptions with phones.

How the new rules just come to see, is still unknown. Providers and the government are still talking about the exact effect, reports Telecompaper. There is still no public proposal of these new regulations. That would within the foreseeable future have to follow, but according to Telecompaper may be delayed. “You can imagine that providers will not be happy and try to stretch,” says the site.

Under the new rules, mobile subscriptions that providers sell in combination with apparatus under the consumer credit Act; thus, it is a loan, since customers are the device in 24 months to pay off. The rules arise from a judgment of the supreme court in June.

The new rules require providers exactly state how many customers lost per month to the installment of a device. Also, it will be necessary to set the notification ‘please Note that borrowing money costs money’ to statements about the provision of a device for a subscription to convert. DeLaagsteRekening published as the first of the coming regulations.

The consequences of the new rules are still unclear, because it is not known precisely which rules the government, providers will impose. Telecompaper suspect that providers at other points will go to compete, such as additional services or opportunities to, for example, allowance for longer shelf life.