“Password manager test feature to password will automatically change”


Password manager Dashlane has a new service announced that users of their passwords for certain services can automatically change. The Password Changer is still in the testing phase, but already more than fifty sites would feature support.

Dashlane has recently PassOmatic acquired. This start-up has developed technology that automatically passwords can change, so reports Dashlane. The change can be handled in two ways. So the user has the option to manually with a click of the mouse all passwords update, unless a two-factor authentication for a website is turned on. There would be a pop-up will appear in which additional code or security question must be answered, writes The Verge.

In addition, it will soon be possible to a time interval. The user can then choose to, for example, to the thirty days are passwords to change. It is unclear when that feature is introduced. Dashlane claims that the changes to be safely synchronized.

The beta version of the service can reportedly handle more than fifty sites. Below would be some large internet companies, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal and Twitter. Dashlane claims, however, that the number of compatible sites is rapidly growing and would eventually hundreds of websites, need to be supported. The beta of the service, available in a free and paid version, is only available for the pc and Mac. Mobile versions would soon follow.