“Nexus 6 will come out this week in Germany”


The Nexus 6 from Motorola and Google, comes out this week in Germany, while he following week when germany is in physical stores. That report various tech sites on the basis of information from Google itself. Information about the release in the Netherlands is still missing.

Googles Play Store, will the Nexus 6 on Friday, supply, while he next week on Tuesday at the German branch of MediaMarkt and Saturn will lie noticed tweaker IM4N in the Nexus 6-delivery time-topic on GoT. Multiple German sites, such as N-TV and AndroidNext, published independently of each other the data, which they say have been to Google. The company has in Germany, in addition reviewexemplaren provided, something that in the Netherlands not yet happened.

It is the first time that the Nexus 6 is released in a European country, although the smartphone will soon also should appear in the United Kingdom. Although the importer of Motorola long held to the beginning of december, is the release in the Netherlands postponed due to a bug on the Vodafone network, giving customers of that provider would not be able to send a text.

Google appears to be little Nexus 6 instances to have on hand: at the opening of the pre-orders in the United States turned out to the device within no time sold out. Telecominsider EVLeaks posted on Google+ a possible reason: Google would only have decided to a Nexus 6. A first Nexus 6 from LG would be cancelled in favor of Android Silver, regular devices from manufacturers with stock Android.

Only after that project also did not proceed, the current Nexus 6 in the picture. Motorola would be released if Moto S. That would explain why the design of the Nexus 6 different from other Nexus devices, while it also may explain why the Nexus 6 in the United States with discount providers to obtain, in contrast to virtually all previous Nexus smartphones.