“Netflix has 700.000 customers in the Netherlands”


Netflix had in september 700.000 subscribers in the Netherlands. That estimates Digital TV Research, on the basis of figures from Netflix. In Belgium lwa, where the service recently started, has Netflix yet, but with 30,000 subscribers; it is only for trial subscriptions.

In the Netherlands the number of Netflix subscribers in less than a year of time has increased considerably: last year december, three months after the Dutch introduction of Netflix, had the videostreamingdienst there are only 100.000. In september that number rose to 700.000, says Digital TV Research, an estimate has been made on the basis of figures from Netflix. It is not known how much subscribers pay, and how many are still in their free month trial sit.

Netflix makes itself available only how many subscribers in total is outside the United States: that there were in september to 15.8 million. Thereof, there were still 1.5 million in their free month trial. In his homeland does Netflix still have the most subscribers: 37.2 million, of which a million subscribers are still in their free month trial sit.

The number of subscribers in Belgium was in september at 30,000. Probably this is only for trial offers; Netflix gives new users their first month free and the service was in Belgium in september of start; all users were therefore still in their month trial. In september, Netflix also launched in countries including Germany, France and Luxembourg; in these countries had Netflix in that month, respectively 125.000, 100.000 and 10.000 subscribers.