Merkel and Cameron set to EU Reform



Merkel and Cameron set to EU Reform

The British Prime Minister Cameron is remaining of their country in the EU, but it demands reforms in the community. This is what he did in a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel once again significantly.

A spokesman for David Cameron’s stressed in London, the British Premier and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel could have been progress made since the deliberations of the EU-tips in the December stated. The two politicians were, but agreed that before the EU summit in mid-February is still more work to do to find the right solutions.

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The British Prime Minister Cameron has confident shown, his claims for a Reform of the EU prevail. The negotiations went well, he said as a guest of the CSU retreat in Wildbad Kreuth. (07.01.2016)

Threat of terrorism, refugee crisis, pressure from the right wing: The Netherlands takes over from the 1. January the presidency of a struggling EU. Soon, the Dutch presidency before a test. (31.12.2015)

The EU is negotiating with great Britain, to the British in club to keep. Threaten with a Referendum on “Brexit”. Who by February have to give in, is open. By the EU summit in Brussels Bernd Riegert. (18.12.2015)

The Prime Minister is, in principle, for a stay of his country in the EU, it calls for far-reaching concessions. One of the most controversial points is that immigrants from EU countries for at least four years in the UK to live before you have a claim for benefits. Mainly the Eastern European countries, which in the past few years, hundreds of thousands of people in the Kingdom are drawn, see it as a discrimination.

In addition to reducing the social benefits for EU foreigners, there are three further key concern of the UK: EU States that do not belong to the Euro area, should be compared to other member States of the EU are not disadvantaged. The position of national parliaments should be strengthened. And: Through the reduction of bureaucracy and EU targets, is a prerequisite for greater growth.

A Referendum is supposed to decide

After the negotiations, wants Cameron to the citizens of a whether the country should stay in the European Union get to vote. It should be at the EU summit in the coming month, come to an agreement, could the Referendum already in June. Not later than the British at the end of 2017 to decide. According to opinion polls, the supporters and opponents of an EU exit, is currently the scale.

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