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The Logitech Harmony Elite is the flagship of Logitech. It looks neat, has a superior build quality and lies well in the hand. The software has a huge range of settings and possibilities. The Harmony app is superfluous, and the price tag of 300 euros is very large to mention.


  • Sleek appearance
  • Superior build quality / good workmanship
  • Enerm many possibilities
  • Easy to set up / configure everything takes care of itself
  • Do for which it was conceived: a full replacement of all your remotes


  • Price (>300 euro)
  • Harmony app: unnecessary addition

Final conclusion

Score: 5Per criterion

Build quality

Score: 5

Although I have few reviews on my name I have, I find it fun to write them as I (1) a new product and 2) the time have found. And as was recently condition 1 met: I was one of the winners of the Hardware.info 2016 Countdown! It was a Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote and a Logitech K400 Plus wireless media keyboard.

The keyboard I already had, but the remote came in handy! I was already at the ori lwa nteren on a universal remote control and then the top model from Logitech is really very cool. Good reason to be so also yet again to write a review. Should still condition 2 must be met: time. And there you have a free Saturday in January is.

First, the specifications of the Harmony Elite set, as it also stated on the website of Logitech.

System requirements

Internet access:

  • Wi-Fi: supports 802.11 g/n and the encodings WPA-Personal, WPA2-AES, and 64/128-bit WEP

For mobile set-up and operation:

  • iOS: iPhone lwa 4S or later, iPad lwa (3rd generation or later), iPad Mini™, iPod touch lwa (5th generation or later) with iOS 8.0 or higher
  • Android™: smartphone with Wi-Fi and Android 4.2 or later
  • iOS or Android device with Bluetooth Lwa Smart technology

Harmony App: download from the App StoreSM or Google Play™

For online set-up:

  • Windows vnom-pc: Windows10, Windows 8, or Windows 7
  • Intel lwa Mac OS lwa-based computer: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher


Remote control

  • Height: 19,2 cm (7,56)
  • Width: 5.4 cm (2,13 in)
  • Depth: 2,9 cm (1,14 in)
  • Weight: 5,78 oz (163,8 g)


  • Height: 10,48 cm (4,16)
  • Width: 12.8 cm (4.88 in)
  • Depth: 2.54 cm (1.0 in)
  • Weight: 3.9 oz (110,56 g)

Warranty information
Limited hardware warranty of 2 years

Package contents

  • Harmony Elite-remote control (with rechargeable battery)
  • Harmony Hub
  • 2 IR-blasters
  • Charging station
  • USB cable
  • 2 ac adapters
  • Manual

Time for the ‘unboxing’! The most fun to do if you have a box in your hands, because you are full of enthusiasm and curiosity 🙂

The Harmony Elite set comes in a sturdy, nice-looking, square box. Other than the picture on the front suggests there is no smarttelefoon in the box. This refers to the Harmony app that you in combination with can use the remote control. Of course, I expected no phone in the box, but somewhere, the picture is a little bit misleading.

We make the box open, that is to say, we lift the lid of the box, we see the Harmony remote control, Harmony Hub, and the charging cradle / holder for the remote control. All in sleek black.

The box contains 2 layers, so we get the top layer out. In the box we find the necessary wiring. So there are 2 power adapters (with both European and English opzetstekkers), 2 IR blasters, a USB cable and a short installation guide. And no, really no phone.

We show the different components of this set have a closer look.

The Harmony Hub is a small box with an important function: it is the centerpiece of the Harmony system and receives commands from the remote control or the mobile app. The default sending remote control commands to the devices directly. The Hub receives the commands, translates them and forwards them in the form of Bluetooth, wi – fi, and infrared signals. Therefore, the Hub has to be in view for optimal use. However, you can also choose to use 2 IR blasters. That you connect to the Hub. The Hub can then be out of sight (for example in a cupboard), but then, so that you have the IR blasters focus.

On the back we see a Pair/Reset button, a USB port for power and 2 connections for the IR blasters.

The bottom is equipped with 2 antisliprubbers that the biggest part of the take. This is the Hub firmly and will not easily remove.

IR blasters
As indicated, there are 2 IR blasters included, that you can connect to the Hub so that it is out of sight.

Charging station
Furthermore, there is a nice charging station / holder supplied for remote control. The remote has a rechargeable battery and by placing in the holder, it is immediately charged. Therefore, here is also on the back is a USB connection for the power supply.

The top and inside is made of some kind of rubbery material, making it very solid to the touch. This also provides a protective function so you don’t scratch going to get in and out of the remote control.

Here, too, are on the bottom antisliprubbers, which made it in the charging cradle firmly in place.

Remote control
But itís all to the remote, and I am of the opinion that Logitech there is a bit of quality shows. It looks super sleek, neatly finished with fine physical buttons. It lies comfortably in the hand because the back is fitted with a stiffer material, and there is an indentation / recess for your index finger. And just looks very nice.

On the back we find only an infrared port, that is meant to take commands from another remote control to learn, if that does not exist in the database or not fully his. That way, you can so almost any remote this Harmony learning.

At the bottom sits behind a cover to the USB connection. This is for the USB cable to connect the PC to the remote control can be used to set and synchronize.

Finally, the remote control in its charging cradle.

After fully charging the remote control, but once time to see if we can make it do for which it was conceived: the full replacement of all other remotes around my TV roam.

For this purpose we will first the remote control to go to set up / configure. You have 2 possibilities: via the PC or via the Harmony app. Logitech calls to it via the Harmony app to do. It says in the manual and also the remote control displays it on the screen in order for the Harmony app. However, I prefer to choose the cable to the PC, because the Harmony desktop software seems to be a bit more elaborate. This software, incidentally, is just free to download from the website of Logitech.

After downloading, install and launch the software we are right in the ‘first time use’ environment. Using a 5 numerous steps you can get your remote control ready for use. There is first prompted to connect to your home network. This makes the Hub connection, and you can in a later stage, also with the Harmony app with the Hub, operate.

Then, there are already some updates ge lwa installed.

Then again comes the question of whether the installation to continue via the PC or via the Harmony app. Logitech indicates that you are using the app more Home-Control devices (such as automatic raamscherm or HUE lamps) can be configured. For everything related to TV / Audio that is not needed so we’re going through with the installation from the PC.

If you already have a Harmony remote, then you can through this step, all data copied lwa ren. That is a handy feature, because that way you are likely to very quickly finish the configuration. However, for me it is the first time that I have a Harmony have, so we choose for a new setup.

Then follows an interesting page: we can devices add. Logitech claims more than 267.000 devices in its database, so the chances of my devices not there would be would be very small. By means of the introduction of the brand / manufacturer and model, you can get the device similar to add. With me was everything (3 devices) without problems found and added.

My setup is provisionally from 3 devices:

  • The TV: Samsung UE32C6700US
  • The sound: Logitech Z-5500
  • Media box: Motorola VIP 1853 (box of XS4ALL to watch TV)

Now the devices are added, there may be so-called activities. With an activity you can with 1 press of the button, the Harmony is a series of commands to run.

So I want an action to ‘watch TV’. By this I mean that the TV goes on, the Motorola box from XS4ALL needs to go and the video input on the TV must be on HDMI 2. In the first step you will need to specify which devices for this activity should be used.

Then you get the questions with which device the channel is being exchanged and that the volume is being controlled.

Then you can choose which input is to be used.

If last, you get a summary to see and it is the activity ‘watch TV’ ready.

At the next step, you can favourite channels set. These are then displayed in the touch screen on your Harmony so that you have during the activity ‘watch TV’ to quickly switch between channels, without the numbers to enter (there are no physical number buttons on the remote control is present).

On the basis of the country, zip code and TV provider you get a list of all stations where you have access to. You can then select up to 50 favorite shipments check box.

You can also change the order of the icons / channels adapt it to your own hand.

Then there is only 1 step: Sync. All settings made to the remote control sent. This takes less than 2 minutes. Then, you can USB cable from the PC / afstandsbieding and it is ready for use.

The above steps are only for the first time. Of course, the software on a main menu where all settings can view, add, change, or delete. I’ll take you on in a few scenes, some just a small impression of the possibilities.

Main menu
The main menu is in fact a kind of summary. Both through the left as through the right side, you’ll be in a desired setup page.

In the screen devices you can add a device, or the settings of the current devices view, modify, or delete.

So I had the problem that if I of activity changed, that the TV went out. This is because, under the other activity (‘Radio’), the command ‘Power TV’. But fortunately, you have the possible problems with corresponding solutions clearly presented.

Also could it be that the remote control has a certain command is not know or is run. The strength of the Harmony is that it can be learned. In this example, does the command ‘channel down’ is no more. You click this command, and then you will be asked to act on the original remote of the TV, while on the back the IR receiver from the Harmony point. The Harmony learn the command ‘channel back’ after the synchronization working again.

In the screen operations you can add an activity, or the settings of the current activities to view, modify, or delete. So I can get in on the action ‘watch TV’ to see which devices are there and what function they have within that activity to fulfill.

Furthermore, you can also control the steps / tasks within the activity to customize, and you can even use delays to add.

In the screen buttons you can go to a device specific commands to buttons or the touch screen assign.

So the Logitech Z-5500’s remote control 8 volume controls: 2x master volume, 2x centre speaker, 2x surround and 2x subwoofer. So I have added the button ‘Channel Down’ the volume of the subwoofer down. Also for ‘Channel Up’ and the arrow keys around the OK-button to adjust the center speaker and the surround. And that is specifically for the Logitech Z-5500, which can only be activated under the activity ‘watching a Film’, for there the sound over it. And that gives, I think, have the power of Harmony!

In the screen ‘favorites’, you can favorite TV channels view and change.

Under the screen settings are some general settings.
Be a fun to highlight is that here you also have a own background for the touch screen to the Harmony uploading. By default, this is black.

The observant reader has seen that I 1 part I skipped: groups. For me this is gray and I cannot click it. Behind this screen options for smart devices such as the Philips HUE light bulbs you can control with the Harmony. Because I do not have are they therefore not added under devices , and therefore, groups are not available, and can therefore not discuss.

The Harmony app is a curious addition. It communicates just as the Harmony with the Hub. Virtually everything you with the Harmony you can do, you can also with app. The devices that are added and the activities that are created, see you back in the app. So also with your app, you can turn on the TV, switch channel, volume control etc. The disadvantage is that, owing to the many buttons of a remote control usually has, that is not on 1 tab in the app fits. So I have for my Samsung TV in the app 6 tabs and so you have to still swipe to the right buttons to be able to get hold of.

I still have the question: why use an app when you have such a fancy remote?

At the writing of this review I have the Harmony Elite about 2 weeks. It replaces 3 remote controls: my TV, which of the media box and the Logitech Z-5500 sound system. That is, first of all a relief: 1 tight, black remote control that can be seen in place of 3 pieces with different sizes and colors.

Although I was in the beginning a few times the Harmony to the PC had to hang out for activities and assignments to adapt because it is still not 100% worked as I wanted, is that now behind the back and works excellent. Despite there are enormous opportunities in terms of settings, Logitech has managed to make this clear and simple. It speaks all for itself, and that keeps it very logical. A very user friendly device.

The remote control keeps pleasant to hold and it also gives a small vibration if you have a touchknop operated. That way you know that the Harmony your assignment has been received and this will perform. Therein, the reaction does not slow down like a normal remote control, despite there is an extra switch in between (the Hub). Also the physical buttons have a nice touch.

The Harmony app is just designed app with lots of functionality, but I wonder strongly what is the purpose of it is. You can have the app so if a vol value Harmony remote to use, but I do really prefer the Harmony in the hand than my phone. What concerns me is the app redundant. A lot of settings, you can also ‘on the fly’ to adjust on the Harmony itself, and otherwise it can through the desktop software. I have the Harmony app now removing it from my phone.

Then answer the question of whether it is a full replacement of the other remotes? To know for sure, 100%. For me, no more! Or the over 300 euro worth? Hard to say. A good product cost money, and a good product is the Harmony Elite for sure. I am fortunate that I have been able to win / get. 300 euros is a lot of money for a remote control. I think that I myself for a slightly cheaper variant was gone if I would have had to pay. Logitech has a whole series of universal remote controls in different price ranges, which in the basis all do the same thing: with 1 remote control to control it all. But this Harmony Elite should definitely be seen, and I am very happy with it!

The environment where the Harmony Elite is used. If TV is a 32″ Samsung. Bottom left in the closet a home-built HTPC, where I use Kodi movies and music playback (controlled by a Logitech K400 keyboard). In the middle, the centre speaker is by / under the Harmony Hub. On the right the Motorola box from XS4ALL for the TV. And then all the way to the right, the subwoofer of the Z5500 with the control panel (but so controlled by the Harmony).

I hope you have enjoyed my review! Tips are always welcome, and any questions I will try to answer. And furthermore I hope all spelvouten look like you 😉