“Judge: UberPOP-service remains prohibited – update”


The president at the College of Appeal for the business internet company Uber banned to continue UberPOP. According to the court, it is the service, which private individuals own cars, to call, to illegal taxi services.

The court agrees with the Inspection living Environment and Transport who is of the opinion that UberPOP as an illegal service. At the expense of a penalty of 10,000 euro per established breach, with a maximum of 100,000 euros must be Uber therefore stop offering the UberPOP transport in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

The interim injunction was filed by Uber. The company stated that UberPOP not as a commercial taxi service should be seen, but as a liftdienst can be considered. Individuals who participate with UberPOP would only earn to the fixed costs of their car decrease. The Inspection considers UberPOP-drivers however as snorders because they do not have the correct permits. Uber facilitates them, and therefore, the service must continue to be prohibited, according to the state attorney.

It is unclear whether Uber immediately will stop his service. In other countries, the company’s UberPOP offering in spite of that it was outlawed by the judges. The Inspection living Environment and Transport, explained in October, fines of 1500 euros to four drivers on the UberPOP were active. The company was awarded a penalty imposed for the facilitation of taxi services without a license. Uber is appealing against these fines and promises this for the drivers to pay if they appeal to lose.

Uber is an internet company that turns to use a mobile app to connect with official taxi drivers and private car owners who are willing people to take. It is one of companies that if a eulogy is given for the deeleconomie, or peer-to-peer economy. Here, ict is used for persons, goods, and services to share. Many companies, including not only Uber but also, for example, Airbnb, are under fire due to legal issues, and the disruptive effect that their services cause.

Update, 12:00: Uber says it will appeal the ban. “This is just the first step in a long legal battle”, says the taxi service. According to the taxi service “judge, the judge is not about the legality of UberPOP, but only on the boetemaatregel’.