“‘Iranian hackers break into large companies'”


Iranian hackers have successfully utilities, airlines and telecommunication companies in multiple countries attacked. That proposes an American security company. One of the command-and-control servers was located in the Netherlands.

The hackers would companies in the United States, Israel, China, Saudi Arabia, have managed to penetrate, as well as companies in India, Germany, France and England. That claims security firm Cylance. Airlines Qatar Airlines and Korean Air would have become the victims, as well as the Us energy company Calpine and the staatsoliebedrijven Saudi Aramco and Petreleos Mexicanos.

One of the command-and-control servers would be in the Netherlands, have been and are housed at the great provider Leaseweb. Also, it is a Dutch ip address used in sql attacks, but the researchers draw that is not to say that the attackers also from the Netherlands were in: probably they showed the connection just via a different ip address, walk to detection to occur. Instead, the attackers in Iran must be sought, shall Cylance.

According to the researchers, does the attack still continued, and the attackers physical damage. In total would be more than fifty companies have been compromised. The same attackers would be in 2013 behind an attack on the Us navy to have been.

The Iranian government denies that it is something with the attack. “This is an accusation without evidence, that is nowhere to be based,” a spokesman of the Iranian mission to the United States as opposed to news agency Reuters.