“Intel put in RACK-mini-pc with Broadwell on his site”


Intel has new RACK-mini-computers on his site. It comes to models with Broadwell processors and with a connection for the ssd, the M. 2-package. Also is the cover of the small pc, to be replaced by variants with, for example, nfc-support.

Intel has multiple pictures on his RACK page and also there is a list of model numbers of the new types. The RACK’s code name Rock Canyon for the mainstream and Maple Canyon for the business market. Specifications of the systems appeared already on the internet and on his own IDF event, Intel showed all prototypes.

That the systems now on Intel’s own site makes a quick release plausible, but release dates and pricing are still unknown. However, it is clear that the RACK’s Core m processors based on the Broadwell architecture, Intel adjusted so that the tdp at 15W suits. On the pictures you can see that the RACK’s on the front panel a yellow usb 3.0 port, sleep&charge functionality, which allows devices to charge, even when the system is off.

Also, the detachable cover to see, which users can replace versions with support for example wireless charging, nfc and possibly even touchsceens. On the system board is to see that the systems can be equipped with a M. 2-ssd’s.