“Hackers are demanding that Sony’s movie about “terrorism” not released”


The hackers who compromised in Sony Pictures demands that the company is a film about ‘terrorism’ retreats. Probably going to be a comedy about North Korea. Despite that, there are major doubts about whether the hackers have a connection with North Korea.

The hackers lay their eggs on the table in a post on GitHub. The hackers call the film not by name, but they are talking about the ‘movie of terrorism which the peace in the region can break and war can cause. The movie the Interview is a comedy about the command to murder the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the hackers seem to them to refer to.

Nevertheless, there are major doubts about whether hackergroep #GOP something with North Korea. Mashable found between the files that the hackers online have put a warning, which the hackers don’t ask for the withdraw of the movie, but in bad English asking for money. How much money they wanted, is not clear. In addition, a journalist from The Guardian an e-mail from the hackers, containing Korean characters which, according to several people who responded is not a correct Korean sentence formed, but a translation seemed to be that was done via Google Translate.

The computer hacker group now has a lot of data about Sony’s filmtak online, including films and private information of employees and actors. The hack came a few weeks ago to outside.