“Grooveshark begins online radio service in 2015”


Grooveshark will from next year a internetradiodienst offer the royalties to the rights holders will have to pay for playing songs. The service is called Broadcast and should be 99 cents per month costs.

Compared to The Wall Street Journal confirms a spokesman for Grooveshark that from January a internetradiodienst is launched. With Broadcasts to follow Grooveshark in the footsteps of services such as Pandora. For the radio service did not separate deals with record labels, to be closed, because the standard radioroyalties be paid. Users can Broadcast their own radio stations to create.

Broadcasts is Groovesharks service that evolves with the demands of the music industry, so the company compared to The Wall Street Journal. For a price of 99 us cents per month subscription may be terminated. Grooveshark aims with the low price on “impulse buying” of users, while the amount is still high enough to provide sufficient revenue to generate, according to the spokesman. Or the service also immediately to Europe is not yet known.

Grooveshark brings, among other applications for Android via the Play Store and for iOS via the App Store. Previous Grooveshark-services by Google and Apple banned because of alleged copyrightinbreuk. In the past the company has several times sued because of the music services no licenses had ended. That changed last year, when a deal with record company EMI was closed and the legal battle with Sony was terminated.

On his website, has Grooveshark already has a service for music streaming. Users can upload music or to others stream. Precisely because of that functionality was Grooveshark several times indicted: none of the major music labels wanted to do this licensing issue.