For sale: arcade machine with Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird is known as the ergerniswekkende and/or addictive game on the smartphone. Bay Tek Games, it seemed a good idea to have some to go beyond the traditional mobile phone, and built a full arcade machine to Flappy Bird.

The arcade machine is on the website of Bay Tek Games and seems especially to be meant for the operators of, for example, an amusement park, a café or other location that is of entertainment should be provided. Where Flappy Bird is traditionally on a screen of a few inches diagonal is played, for many, the annoying bird on the arcade machine over flutter on the 42″. The cabinet is built around the theme of Flappy Bird, and the operation is easy to summarize: there is one button.

Anyone interested in the arcade machine will need to contact Bay Tek Games. That is to say, especially to business customers. This is also not entirely clear what the price is. However, Bay Tek Games is a Dutch distributor.

Such an old-fashioned cupboard to play some games on to play brings probably many a tweaker back to the years of the old-school arcade. Still we think that an arcade machine with the Tweak Battle more fun than the bird, that at many the blood pressure does increase. In addition: if you every time money in should throw if you, your wallet, of course, so empty.