“Destiny-players can progress transfer to vervolgdeel”


Developer Bungie has stressed that Destiny players their progress can later transfer it to the second part of the game. Activision has recently announced the development of the sequel of Destiny has already started.

Developer Bungie has recently with IGN about the plans for the sequel are spoken. In that conversation it is indicated that the intention is that players their Guardian may bring. There is talk about building a relationship with a certain character.

Bungie is later, however, with an additional response. The developer has stressed that players will have their progress completely can bring to the vervolgdeel of Destiny. So will the developer prevent that there is still room for further speculation.

The Destiny franchise has a ten-year drawn up in which various developments and enhancements are planned. Activision has recently announced that development on Destiny 2 has already started. The project is hundreds of millions of euros invested. It is still unclear when the vervolgdeel of the game appears. The first expansion of Destiny should from Tuesday to roll out.