“Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo testing insurance for backers”


The crowdfunding platform Indiegogo is a service to the testing that enables users insurance can quit on their donation. If the intended product within three months after the estimated date of delivery appears, a person can the amount donated, to recover.

The company behind the crowdfunding platform has the test to TechCrunch confirmed, but Indiegogo wants about possible plans for the future have nothing to say. The optional charges would be currently only at one inzamelingscampagne be tested at the wearable Olive.

The ‘smart’ bracelet should help in overcoming stress. An Indiegogo user can have for $ 129 the Olive order, which translated to an amount of about 103 euros. Insurance will cost another 15 dollars extra, or approximately 12 euro.

Indiegogo provide the insurance itself and according to the table, there are a total of 25 of the available. If a product is not within three months after the agreed delivery date is provided, the person concerned is entitled to a refund of his deposited money.