“British pornofilter blocks site Chaos Computer Club – update”


The British pornofilter that users should protect against pornography and other unwanted content, also prevents a part of the British access to the German hackersorganisatie Chaos Computer Club. Also another site with information for hackers is blocked.

If desired, enable internet users to the blockade off, but many users do not know how to do that, writes the Chaos Computer Club. It comes to subscribers of the carriers Three and Vodafone. Vodafone customers in the Uk can also not at the ticket offices of the CCC-congress, the annual hackerscongres which also Tweakers is present.

Also, Hackaday, a website where users information about hacks and tools may be ordered, is blocked. That website is only blocked for a part of subscribers from British Telecom; other telecom providers, the users still have access. The pornofilter, where providers voluntarily to cooperate, it turned out previously all sites with sexual information and to block.

Update, 12:39: such As user hall rightly observes, a lot of people have – in contrast to what the CCC claims – the pornofilter just turned off. That Hackaday only by British Telecom is blocked, is no surprise: that company offers a filter that also sites with information about hacking blocks.