Bevoorradingscapsule SpaceX docks with ISS


The unmanned Dragon spacecraft from the private organisation SpaceX is successfully arrived at the International Space Station. The capsule is connected to the Harmony capsule and brings the goods, such as christmas presents to the astronauts in the ISS.

The Dragon arrived Monday at the international space station and the robotic arm of the ISS knew the capsule to grab. The successful mission follows earlier postponements in december. Initially had an unmanned bevoorradingsruimtevaartuig of the company Orbital Sciences goods to the six astronauts in the ISS, but the launch failed in October, and ended in a crash.

The astronauts were due to the time passed quite through their ration. They will still one day have to wait until the hatch between Dragon and the Harmony module is opened and put them with the groceries, and scientific equipment. The Dragon will remain for four weeks docked to the ISS. Later this year there are new supplies by, among other Russian capsules.