Bavaria calls for effective border management



Bavaria calls for effective border management

Bavaria’s state government wants on this Tuesday in a letter to the Federal government to better secure the German border demand, and if necessary file a complaint. It’s going to be a limitation of the Flüchtlingszahlen.

Writing is another milestone in the months-long escalation of tensions between the CSU and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in the refugee policy. If the Federal government in its response to the Bavarian claim, refuses, wants CSU Minister President Horst Seehofer (in the article), if necessary before the Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe to make a complaint. Legally, this is not straightforward: The cause of action for weeks, as the threat in the room is, would be against the Federal government, the Bavarian CSU itself is involved.

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The Burka ban, integration law: The CDU politician Julia Klöckner, features a wealth of proposals in the asylum. Now she has a Plan A2 presented – only at first glance is harming you thus, Angela Merkel. (25.01.2016)

The party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is performing increasingly bizarre contortions in the refugee policy. They are, above all, the approaching state elections in three States owed, says Bernd Gräßler.

The CSU boss wants the pressure on the Chancellor at the issue of dealing with refugees increase. At the same time introduces a new concept in the Asyldebatte next. Berlin is discussing Limits, quotas, and transit Zones. (25.01.2016)

In the meetings of the parliamentary groups in Berlin on Tuesday is expected to the refugee policy is also the Central theme of his. In the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, it is expected that the proposals of the CDU-Vizechefin Julia Klöckner play a role.

Kloeckner, top candidate of the CDU in the election on 13. March in Rhineland-Palatinate, had one of its self as a “Plan”, “A2” designated concept. The Plan should Merkel’s European crisis management are complementary and, according to a statement Klöckners no distancing from the course to the Chancellor. Klöckner calls, among other things, daily quotas for refugees at the German border.

Only “Wahlkampfaktion”, says Gabriel

The coalition partner SPD, opposes the thrust in exactly the same way as the Opposition from the left party and the Greens. SPD-Chef Sigmar Gabriel called Klöckners concept of a “Wahlkampfaktion” without a Chance of implementation in the coalition. “What you proposed is not the subject of the deliberations of the refugee policy of the Federal government.” The excited Grenzzentren had already been discarded.

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Klöckner calls on day (s)

For the CSU goes Klöckners Plan in the right direction, and coincides with significant own claims. “This is a very important advance”, said Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Herrmann. CSU-Chef Seehofer reiterated the call for an upper limit, and said in view of the Flüchtlingszahlen: “The turnaround over the next weeks, months to come.”

CSU attacked the Kanzleramtsminister

The unionsinterne asylum dispute has intensified, meanwhile, continue. CSU General Secretary Andreas Scheuer attacked Kanzleramtsminister Peter Altmaier (CDU): “We want from the Chancellor’s office finally realistic solutions to hear and not meaningless Dauerappelle.” Without national measures was a rapid reduction of the Numbers of utopia. Altmaier had previously been again prior to a upper limit warned. The head of the Federal office for Migration and refugees (BAMF), Frank-Jürgen Weise turned on also in the debate, exactly. Way said that a cap was “national not allowed, but only in the EU context”.

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