“Apple gets patent on mechanism against valschade for mobile devices”


Apple has a patent received on a mechanism that valschade in electronic devices must be avoided. For example, if an iPhone is, the phone in the air to change position allowing the smartphone eventually at the least vulnerable point touches the ground.

The patentverzoek is in 2011 already submitted. If a device is in a free fall hit, a device on the basis of different sensors recognize the situation. That can for example be done with a gyroscope or an accelerator. If the valhoek of the device once it is provided, and the distance to the surface is calculated, the time until the collision with the surface can be determined.

One of the more plausible ways for a change in the valhoek to bring the device to vibrate. Apple has, however, several possibilities came up. Another option is that on the basis of a change in the mass of the device the position can be determined. That would Apple be able to achieve by the center of gravity to shift, but the company speaks also about the ejection of a battery. In addition, there has even been talk about reducing the force of the collision due to air resistance to create.

The granting of a patent does not mean that Apple are ideas effectively in practice. In the patent application mentions Apple only once the name iPhone. The company keeps with its patent application with the title “protective mechanism for an electronic device” a wider range of possible devices open.