“AMD gives you Eyefinity support for display 24 displays”


AMD has a comprehensive update of its Catalyst driver with the name Omega was released. The update has performance improvements and new functionality to Radeon cards. Among other things introduces Omega support for Eyefinity setups with up to 24 screens.

The Omega driver is the first of an annual series in which AMD big updates to combine. Catalyst Omega brings according to the manufacturer twenty new features and a performance improvement of up to 19 percent to Radeon cards, and 29 percent for apu’s. In addition, there would be 400 bugs have been fixed.

In addition to improvements in the field of upscaling and compression algorithms, brings Omega support for Virtual Super Resolution to Radeon cards. This renders the video card the game at a resolution higher than that of the monitor, and then using a filter to downscalen. This would have a positive effect on the image quality, among other things because of the effect on anti-aliasing, but requires more graphical processing power. AMD uses different modes for different maps. AMD occurs in the footsteps of competitor Nvidia, which has the same technology as Dynamic Super Resolution technology.

In addition, provide Omega support for Eyefinity setups with 24 displays using four gpus. Also adds the driver support for FreeSync. This is AMD’s software-based alternative to Nvidia’s G-Sync, the refresh rate of the monitor adjusts to the frame rate to glitches in the picture to avoid. According to AMD, is the mass production of displays with FreeSync support started and should start 2015 in the shops. Among others, Samsung does this.

Omega also support resolutions of 5120×2880 pixels at 60Hz, such as dell’s UltraSharp UP2715K, for example. Also, Radeon cards after the update compatible with Dell Alienwares Graphics Amplifier desktopvideokaarten with laptops combines.

Some games need Omega for performance improvements, although used AMD mainly are regular Catalyst updates for efficiency optimizations. AMD claims under other frametime-improvements in some games, like Sniper Elite 3, Batman: Arkham Origins and Tomb Raider.