“’63 per cent of European population has access to 4g-network'”


About 63 percent of the European population falls within the coverage of a 4g network. That sets the GSM Association. In 2020 this percentage to 83 percent must grow. Still, it would be in the beginning of 2015, only 10 percent of mobile connections are 4g.

The GSMA believes that the proportion of 4g users in the coming years to continue to grow. The estimation of the organization is that in 2020 more than half of the mobile connections are 4g. It is said that about 53 percent.

At the end of the current calendar year, there would be approximately 431 million unique mobile subscribers in Europe. It goes according to GSMA to 79 percent of the total European population. GSMA expects that the penetration rate over the years even a relatively small increase. The coverage ratio in recent years also grown strongly and is expected to continue.

According to figures from the GSMA cover 4g networks are in an area where, reportedly, 63 percent of the European population lives. Earlier this year, the limit of 50 per cent broken. In 2020 would be about 83 percent access to one or more 4g networks must have.