What’s behind “Plan A2”?



What’s behind “Plan A2”?

The Burka ban, integration law: The CDU politician Julia Klöckner, features a wealth of proposals in the asylum. Now she has a Plan A2 presented – only at first glance is harming you thus, Angela Merkel.

It hooks at all corners and Ends. Angela Merkel’s Plan, the number of refugees to decrease, knows a lot of screws. At the international level should, among other things, the Syria talks, an agreement with Turkey and bilateral discussions with North African countries, the root causes for migration combat. This is tedious and takes time. Then Europe: Merkel wants the borders secure, there Hot-Spots to set up and with the EU-Partner to a distribution agreement. So a sustainable and lasting process on the way. But there is massive Resistance from its EU partners. After all: In Germany, Angela Merkel, a correction of the Asylgesetze prevail and the registration of unify. For several weeks, but it increased at the national level; a second asylum package depends since mid-November in the Bundestag.

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The party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is performing increasingly bizarre contortions in the refugee policy. They are, above all, the approaching state elections in three States owed, says Bernd Gräßler.

At their Meeting in Amsterdam looking for the EU home Affairs Ministers for solutions to the refugee crisis. More Controls? Ceilings? Or more pressure on Greece? The time is running out. Bernd Riegert from Amsterdam. (25.01.2016)

In the SPD is growing because of the koalitionsinternen differences in refugee policy the Trouble about the Union and about German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the German border every day up to 200 refugees turned away. (24.01.2016)

The Balkan countries are preparing for the end of the German and Austrian welcome. They are the Northern neighbors to do the same and claim they have had no choice. (23.01.2016)

The refugees continue to come over the Bavarian-Austrian border into the country. Currently, around 2,000 every day. The pressure on the CSU in addition to SPD, the third coalition partner in the Federal government grows and grows. The politicians get to the displeasure of the population. Therefore, comes from Bavaria since weeks the call for further national measures as a complement to Merkel’s efforts – see above. Would prefer to the CSU, an upper limit, such as Austria and plans. But Merkel remains currently being stubborn and stops at a “pan-European solution” without any upper limit, in the German media currently deemed to be “Plan A” titled,.

Message has arrived

Exactly in this gap of additional national measures, now comes the proposal of Julia Klöckner – “Plan”, “A2”. The Chairwoman of the CDU Rhineland-Palatinate suggests, among other things, “Grenzzentren” and daily quotas for refugees. The centers grab an old CSU proposal for “transit Zones”, where near the border, refugees will be placed, the only low chances of an asylum or protection status in Germany. So are these refugees not only nationwide to the municipalities is distributed according to a fast-track system as far as possible back in their home countries will be sent. Day (s) you would you sum up, then something like a cap. Fitting to this was the reaction of the CSU Chairman and Bavarian Prime Minister, Horst Seehofer, from: “This Transitzentren and quotas with national Dimension – that’s all right”, says Seehofer. In Klöckners Plan to put much of what the CSU for a long time now.

The last rather deep ditch between the CDU and the CSU in the refugee policy after this statement, again, a bit narrower. This is also the mood of the joint group meeting on Tuesday, pacify help. At the last session of the 310 MPs of the Union was the tone of the critics of migration policy, Merkel’s sharp. 44 members wanted to Merkel using a Kampfabstimmung in the group to the correction force. They did but then backed down – after all you should now have the common Unmutsbrief be presented. The ditch runs diagonally across the ranks of the CDU deputies. They all feel the pressure of the Parteibasis. In the medium term, they are afraid of their place in the Parliament, should the poll numbers for the party continues to go down.

No Plan-B

A real Counter-draft to Merkel’s refugee policy is Klöckners Plan, however, is not. The relationship between her and the Chancellor is much too good, as your so in the back would fall. Merkel is the “Plan A2” been notified in advance, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday. Klöckners Plan was a party Initiative, according to the species: the Deputy party leader makes a proposal to Parteichefin.

Some observers believe, Julia Klöckner could once Chancellor Merkel to replace

For the classification of Klöckners proposal also includes that you in the middle of the election campaign and are currently good, but still not a safe prospect of an election victory in the state elections in seven weeks, in Rhineland-Palatinate. Does mediation always good. Klöckner says himself, they explicitly support the policies of Angela Merkel. “But we must also not dependent on the consent of all EU members, but must in parallel consider what we national can do.”

Better Registration

Whether the second asylum package in this week, at least, adopted by the Cabinet is, is still open. This is mainly due to the social Democrats, against restrictions on family reunification for Syrian civil war refugees are. The Klöckner-Plan of the SPD-politicians as “Anti-Merkel Plan” referred to and rejected. The calculus behind this could be the gap in the Union will increase even further. Because refugee policy is different than in the autumn, long to the field of political profiling. The “real” opposition parties in the Bundestag, the Greens and the Left, lean Klöckners Plan.

Sit up and take notice left on the Monday remarks of the spokesman of the Ministry of interior in front of the press. Organizationally could be at the border in Bavaria is currently up to 3500 of the refugees to be registered. In 2000 refugees a day, so the current Figures, this would, at least theoretically, the “wild entry” to Germany as they did in the autumn stopped. However, there is still an unknown number of refugees over the border came to – so it’s not the same register let. The registered refugees but would be housed in special Camps to stay to from there to the whole country to be distributed.