Schleuserangebot: visa and Transport by Russia


Schleuserangebot: visa and Transport by Russia

Norway wants a part of the refugees to return Russia to the Norwegian border crossing in Norway has applied for asylum. Jon Ole Martinsen from the refugee organization NOAH in the DW interview.

DW: Mr Martinsen, how do you explain that in the middle of Winter, thousands of refugees through Russia and try to Norway?

Martinsen: Many of them seek a refuge. There are people from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries. You have seen using this Route to come to Europe.

But why don’t you have the “Balkan route” is selected?

Some of them have told us that the ride boats across the Mediterranean was too dangerous for them, they feared that people lose their lives. Therefore, you have the Route via Russia is chosen. But it is important to emphasize the fact that the refugees on the coast of Northern Norway have come, in different groups. Some of them have Russian citizenship or a permanent residence permit in Russia. Where we agree with the Norwegian government agreed that a quick processing of their applications is necessary, so that those who don’t need protecting, back to Russia should be sent. But there are also people with no connection to Russia, which is easy with a visa by Russia have traveled to in a safe country. In this group we find of NOAH, of Norway their applications for asylum should be checking before we are in another country send.

Martinsen: Some should be returned

It is well known that Russia towards refugees and migrants is very critical, especially when it comes to Muslims. Why does Russia they travel around the country?

As the Russian government sees, I don’t know. But refugees from Russia as Tranitland have used have told us that they had of the Smugglers, a kind of package deal bought: visa and transportation, to the coast of Northern Norway. For us it is important that those who are in Norway have arrived, according to our national asylum, and according to our international obligations be treated.

How is the Situation on the Norwegian-Russian border at the time? Is it true that in Norway many of the refugees to return would like to Russia but not back?

On Friday, the Norwegian foreign Minister Borge Brende informed that Russia negotiations on repatriation requests, and sends Norway, in fact, no refugees returned to Russia. Norway but will continue to these feedbacks. It’s Norway in the negotiations about how the practical should be carried out.

Border crossing at Storskog, over the thousands after Norway entered the

How are these people to be returned, then in Russia are treated? Is it morally justifiable to send them back?

When it comes to people, a residence permit in Russia or a dual citizenship, we mean that a Return is in order. For those who don’t have that, the Russia only as a transit country have crossed, we are in fact concerned. If you are not in their countries of origin to be sent back to and from Russia a right of residence need, is disquieting. Because there have been many reviews given that people who need protecting, and this protection in Russia do not get it.

Everywhere in Europe there is a growing resistance against the refugees. How does the Norwegian population about?

In the past year, we have initially a very positive movement experiences. People refugees supported it were “refugees welcome”-groups established at the local level Volunteers for the new arrivals accepted. That was very positive. But in social media, it also has a lot of critical comments against asylum seekers. So we’re experiencing both, a lot of support, but also a lot of criticism and skepticism in the social media and a part of the policy.

Jon Ole Martinsen works for the Norwegian organization for asylum seekers, NOAH, in Oslo.

The interview was conducted by Christoph Hasselbach