Olympic city of Rio is getting ready to fight against the Zika Virus


Olympic city of Rio is getting ready to fight against the Zika Virus

The city Council of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro wants to do everything to athletes and visitors of the Olympic summer games before becoming infected with the Zika Virus to protect it.

A month before the opening ceremony of the Olympic games on 5. August will be a senior team from all competition venues to be inspected and breeding sites for the Aedes mosquitoes to eradicate that as a Carrier of the Virus apply, announced the city administration.

Use of insecticides

It is planned, according to a report in the Online edition of the newspaper “O Dia”, the controversial Spraying of insecticides on the territory of the city. Already now are in Rio around 3,000 officials against the Virus in use. You are in control, especially construction sites, public places and residential areas on puddles in which mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Aedes-mosquito Vectors of Zika Virus in a Glabehälter in a lab in Brazil

Brazil feared that, owing to the spread of Zika Virus less tourists coming into the country. The Olympic Games will be tens of thousands of visitors expected. The mosquito is in the Brazilian winter month of August is far less active than during the current rainy season. In the coming weeks with the carnival already, a test run of how far Rio on health hazards in the environment of the Olympic games is prepared.

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Warning before the Zika Virus

The Zika Virus is spreading across America. Only Canada and Chile are not yet affected. Also in New York, there are three cases. The DW has the most important facts to the pathogens collected. (20.01.2016)

Risk of malformations

Infection with Zika Virus, which cause flu-like symptoms, especially for Pregnant women dangerous. The causative agent is suspected in an Unborn a deformation of the head to cause. The Brazilian authorities were from October to January in infants more than 3,800 cases of Mikrozephalie – the head of the newborn is too small – ,suspected by the Zika Virus have been caused.

Symptoms of infection, such as fever, body aches and rash, and conjunctivitis are usually not dangerous and subside after about a week. Against the Zika Virus there is no drug. Person-to-person the pathogen is not transmitted.

America is particularly affected

As the world health organization (WHO) announced, spreading Zika Virus on several continents. In the meantime, kick the exciter in 20 States of North and South America as well as in ten countries in Africa, Asia and the Western Pacific room.

The health authorities in the US advise Pregnant women to travel to now has 22 regions in South America and the Caribbean in the way that the Zika Virus occurs. Also in New York were the last three people are positive for the Virus tested. The patients were all recently in the areas traveled, where the mosquito-borne Virus is spread. In Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Jamaica, to recommend to the authorities women because of the risk, to unwanted pregnancies for the time being to do without.

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