Comment: German beer, and Russian television


Comment: German beer, and Russian television

It is home to around four million people in Germany whose native language is Russian: Russian-German, Russians, Jews. Most maintain their gardens, but some of your work in your head, says Alexander Warkentin.

On Saturday, about 700 people in front of the Chancellery against “criminal refugees” demonstrates. Many spoke Russian. On Sunday it went in other cities: Baden-Württemberg Alone, counted the police about 3000 participants. As far as the Newswires.

They wanted “our women and girls to protect”, the “German and Christian properties,” or even the “German culture”, stand on the posters. The occasion was the alleged rape by supposed “refugees” of a 13-year-old russischstämmigen girl in Berlin. Russian media have hair-raising horror stories about the “Schandtat” widespread and even a Video with an alleged rapist is shown. Unfortunately, the Video is already six years old.

Meanwhile, long notes that there is neither a carryover nor a rape of the girl has given. There were also no evidence of intercourse found. Even the lawyer of the victim, speaks of a case of pedophilia. Sexual contact of any kind with a Minor, as “by mutual agreement” be, remain a serious crime. The spokesman for the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office assured in a DW Interview, the alleged perpetrator was already identified. His final words, speaks to the court. As far as the prehistory.

The Sowjetmensch lives. In Germany, too.

In Soviet times had the party set the goal of a new human species to create: the Sowjetmenschen. Now there has long been no Soviet Union anymore, the Communists in Russia are a corrupt anachronism, the Sowjetmensch but has survived. Also here in Germany.

Alexander Warkentin is an editor at DW-Russian

One of them is sitting at the checkout in a grocery store in Bonn. She speaks halfway decent English and preferrably Russian. “You do not believe so, what I’ve experienced! I am so happy, so overwhelmed!” She has holiday in Saint Petersburg. No, she was not in the Hermitage, nor in the world famous Mariinsky theatre. She has the birthplace of Vladimir Putin. If you stink of cat piss in there, about half of Russia blasphemes, will not be disturbed have? This question borders on a lèse-majesté. She greets me no more.

By the way, her husband had stayed at home. You have two TVs in the apartment: He, an ethnic Russian, preferably American crime fiction. You, a German from Siberia, watching only Russian TV. “The Germans are lying, but only just”.

A highly intelligent, in everyday life taktvoller and more tolerant of well-Known in Berlin, loses composure, when it comes to the Ukraine conflict. He is convinced that the Ukrainian “fascists” children crucified, and women lively body burn. The “irrefutable” evidence we have yet, in the television shown. In which TV? Of course, in Russian. German, he looks not. “The stupid German should not be interfered with, we Slavs are the conflict already among us make up,” he says. And forgets, that he as a Jewish Kontingentflüchtling came to Germany.

Everyone has his own cockroaches in the head

During the Soviet era, it has innumerable jokes on the television. If it is in the shops again no milk was, was the good advice: “Hang the milk jug on the TV, in three minutes of running you over!” Now, it is understandable that some of this traditional distrust of the German media have transferred. What is incomprehensible is, however, that today the rampant Moscow’s Propaganda to believe. Or is there a comprehensible reason?

Most of the Russian-speaking fellow citizens have at the time of departure to Germany, their belongings, all their property must leave. Have taken your minds, your education. Gesellschaftswissenschaftler call this socialization, a Russian proverb “cockroaches in the head”.

Often still a stranger in Germany

Most feel comfortable in Germany. Some, see Helene Fischer, even to glory. No one wants to Russia or Kazakhstan back, unless as the wealthy visitors from the West. But some are, even after 20 years in Germany have not arrived. The longer it is for them a foreign country, the more glorified the memory of the country of their youth.

And so they are vulnerable to all sorts of conspiracy theories. Because Russian Propaganda and the agitation of Pegida, Legida, AfD, NPD and how they all hot, just right. Then you still have to Geltungssucht into the game: try any verkrachten existences an ethnic party of the Russian-Germans to reason, sometimes to the point of a Demo against a never taken place rape. Conspiracy theorists suspect, of course, money from the Moscow Propaganda-Fund behind it. But many do out of free Conviction, honest indignation. And want of the facts nothing to know. Everyone has a right to his own cockroaches, sorry: him – in the head.

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